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Did you know Curacao is an AWARE destination? We are all about "where conservation meets adventure" and it shows if you look at the efforts from the Curacao Dive Task Force (DTF). We are a proud member and we support the efforts of the Project AWARE Adopt A Dive Site initiative along with the 14 other members. In other words, we'd like to keep our dive sites clean! Check out our Eco-Active section to see how you can help.

Curacao is voted as number 1 dive destination, so be sure to check it out! You can do this on your own, rent tank & weights or join our guided dives. Every dive site has something special to offer and our guides are more than happy to share their favorite dive site with you. We specialize in small group diving.

These trips are for certified divers and some of them are also suitable for snorkelers. Feel free to ask for availability and options. We also have a free pickup and drop off service within 10  minutes of our dive shop (ask for availability)!

Book your trips by using the forms in the trips listed below or go to the contact page, or feel free to use the Book Now button.

An Epic Turtle Dive Special

From our dive shop we head to Cas Abao for our first dive of the day. This scenic 45 minute ride will take you through the green part of Curacao and during this drive you can enjoy the differences in landscapes and sceneries.

Cas Abao  is a very popular beach at Banda Bou, the name we use for the "other" side of the Island (towards the Westpoint region). This is a beach as you expect to find on a Caribbean Island, a beautiful white sand beach and turquoise blue water. The reef has a lot of height differences that create large formations with plenty of holes and crevices to explore. Hover along  and enjoy the view of this sumptuous reef. Try finding seahorses here!

After the first dive we will have a great lunch at Cas Abao and excite ourselves for the turtles who are waiting for us at Playa Piskado,  a tiny fisherman's beach, where we do the second dive of the day. The reef is full of Mushroom shaped coral formations which formed a lot of holes for Lobster and Green Moray eels to hide, but the main attraction here are the Turtles. In the afternoon they come to  the shallow sandy bay to eat. The shallow depth of 3m/9ft, white sand bottom and the sun create  perfect circumstances for pictures of this magnificent Turtle show.

After the  dives there is time to relax and enjoy an afternoon beer.

Prices are including lunch, drinks, tanks, weights, transport, entrance fees, fun and tax.


  • Every Friday (for cruise ship divers any available day), with a minimum of 2 divers
  • For certified divers


  • Dive trip  excl. rental equipment US$ 127
  • Dive trip incl. rental equipment US$ 150 
  • Snorkel trip excl. rental equipment US$ 40
  • Snorkel trip incl. rental equipment US$ 50
  • In our dive schedule you can find our other dive trips/fun dives.

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