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Did you know Curacao is an AWARE destination? We are all about "where conservation meets adventure" and it shows if you look at the efforts from the Curacao Dive Task Force (DTF). We are a proud member and we support the efforts of the Project AWARE Adopt A Dive Site initiative along with the 14 other members. In other words, we'd like to keep our dive sites clean! Check out our Eco-Active section to see how you can help.

Curacao is voted as number 1 dive destination, so be sure to check it out! You can do this on your own, rent tank & weights or join our guided dives. Every dive site has something special to offer and our guides are more than happy to share their favorite dive site with you. We specialize in small group diving.

These trips are for certified divers and some of them are also suitable for snorkelers. Feel free to ask for availability and options. We also have a free pickup and drop off service within 10  minutes of our dive shop (ask for availability)!

Book your trips by using the forms in the trips listed below or go to the contact page, or feel free to use the Book Now button.

Unlimited shore diving

Curacao is perfect to dive independent and explore the more than 30 dive sites you can reach from shore. The ocean temperature ranges from 26 degrees Celsius in March to a warm 30 degrees Celsius in October. Visibility is in between the 20 m to 30 m, all the ingredients to make long, great dives over the beautiful tropical reefs.

Typically groups rent one pick truck per 4 divers; collect your tanks in the morning, we give you the information about the dive site, how to get there, entry/exits and navigation aids. And off you go, all the freedom with dive planning’s, locations, dive time etc. The sun sets early and from 19.00hrs it is dark and time for a beautiful night dive.

Most dive sites have good beaches and non-divers can enjoy the warm Caribbean sun. In the evening Curacao has plenty of restaurants and bars for entertainment. We gladly advise you for the places to-be.

Atlantis Diving has equipment lockers available, although only accessible during opening hours.

Unlimited Shore Diving (tanks & weights only) Prices in USD (Air) Prices in USD (Nitrox)
1 day 34 40
2 days 68 80
3 days 102 120
4 days 134 158
5 days 164 194
6 days 184 228
7 days 210 260

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